Websites and Business Development

Bryan has not only built all of these websites himself, but he has also provided consulting in: business development and expansion, management structure, market analysis and direction, as well as graphics and image development for nearly all of the  companies listed below. Bryan still continues to work with many of these companies as the creative director, marketing director, SEO manager, web manager, IT support, and market analyst.


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Helpful Web Tips:

Building a website is much like setting up a store front. Many web designers may be able to build a beautiful website, but if they are unfamiliar with Google and the Internet's industry standards then they are building a beautiful store front... in the middle of the desert; no one will find you and no one will see you.


SEO placement is essential in whatever it is you are trying to sell or get out to the world. Without good search engine optimization your message will go unnoticed. While on the opposing side, if you have good SEO placement, it almost doesn't matter how ridiculous your idea is, people will buy it especially when you are on the first page of Google.


The key to a successful website and company is proper SEO structure,  simple navigation, accompanied by beautiful design, while allowing for business growth. Bryan encompasses all of these elements in his design, and can also add the unique feature of animation and interactive items to your website.


Don't Get fooled:

The Internet industry is a very unstable and rapidly evolving machine; what is a necessity today, may be rendered useless tomorrow. Unfortunately many web developers, that are not constantly up to with the changes, end up selling systems or building sites that no longer work and as an unpleasant result many clients feel that they have been tricked or end up paying for things they don't need or that no longer work.


A good way to determine if a web developer is up with the times and is telling the truth about their SEO skills, is to simply check for the best website that they have ever built. Alexa ranks all the websites in the world and categorizes them. If the web developers best website is ranked under a million then they may be someone to consider.

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